How to Activate Windows 10 Without Buying it

When you install Windows 10 without buying it from Microsoft website, it does not contain the product key. You will see a “Notification” on the bottom right corner of the screen “Activate Windows 10.” It shows that you are using a pirated copy of Win 10. If all of the features are working well, it is ok. There is no need to pay attention towards this notification. But the matter is! You are unable to change the background. Even you can’t use the “Personalize” feature. It brings a disturbing state of mind for you because there are some other very common, but important features you can’t use.

As you know, the deadline for a free upgrade to Windows 10 was 29th July 2016. If you are seeking for a free copy of Windows 10 after July 2016, it is impossible. Officially, there is no way out to get a free legal copy of Win 10. However, there are some loopholes to enable you to activate Windows 10 without buying it. You just need to follow the methods below to convert your pirated Windows 10 into a legal one.

All of the methods discussed below are tested, and there is no exaggeration in them. So, try with confidence and have a chill.

Reverse the Clock & Date (Most Working Method)

It looks a bit weird but works 100% for every user of Windows 10. You need to modify the time and date appearing on the Taskbar area to remove this issue. Let’s try this method and see if it makes you jump out of joy.
Click on the “Date and Time” appearing on the taskbar and select “Change Date and Time” option.

Date and Time

When you are in “Settings” window, you will see the “Change date and time” tab is not active. Here, you will see an option “Set time automatically” on the top. It is by default turned on. Click to turn it off. As you put it out, the tab “Change date and time” will turn on. Now select this tab to move ahead.

Enter a date that is before 29th July 2016. For example, any date in April or May, 2016.

Now close the Settings section and restart the system.

When you log in the system, it is not showing any warning like “Activate Windows 10” on the bottom right corner.
The myth behind this trick is that every pirated copy of Windows 10, you are using after 29th July 2016 will display this message and you will be unable to use its full features. But, a copy of Win 10 where Microsoft detects the Date before the deadline, will show it a genuine Windows copy.

SLMGR in Command Prompt

Another very effective, but temporary method is to use some commands in Command Prompt (Admin). It does not work for a long time like the method above. Whenever you restart your system, every time you have to apply this command to activate the Windows 10 because it works temporarily. But it works well and that’s why I would like to discuss it.

Right-click the “Start” button to display the contextual menu. Select “Command Prompt (Admin) from there.

In Command Prompt, type “slmgr -rearm” and press Enter.

It will show you a confirmation message “Command completed successfully.”

Command completed successfully
Now restart the system to apply the changes.

Now, again open the Personalize section. You will see there is no warning to “Activate Windows.”

(If the above command does not work in your case, try “slmgr /rearm” or “slmgr_rearm” followed by the Enter key)
That’s all guys. Many websites claim different software and tools that could help you activate the Windows without buying it. I have researched about them very well. There is no truth in them at all. So, don’t waste your energy in pursuing them blindly. By using them, you will put your system’s security at risk.

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